4 Scented Additions You Need in Your Life Pronto

4 Scented Additions You Need in Your Life Pronto

When you think of the five senses, you may find yourself inclined to think of sight first. Or if you are a foodie, perhaps you may prioritise taste. However, as important as all five senses are, you might be surprised to discover how much of a role your sense of smell plays in your day-to-day decisions, emotions, and memories. Even if it is not intentional, our bodies are always aware of the smells around us as they can make a huge difference in our experiences. 

Scent has the power to reduce stress, increase focus, enhance memory, and uplift your mood. In fact, it is the only sense that has an effect on your memory. We are more likely to purchase something again if we like its smell and feel good when buying it. The sense of smell can even affect productivity – certain smells, such as lemon oil, have been found to increase alertness. All of these benefits give us an insight as to why people like using scented items at home

Since our daily emotions and mood can be influenced by smells, find out how you can make the most of this extraordinary sensibility by incorporating fragrance into our domestic spaces for a more relaxed and pleasurable ambience at home.

1. Scented Candles

What are scented candles? They are definitely more than just perfect Christmas gifts. As its name suggests, scented candles are candles incorporated with a beautiful scent. Scents can range from a heady aroma of fresh lavender or the sweet, floral notes of roses and peonies. They are the perfect way to add a little scented touch to your space to make it more cosy and homely. However, it does take some proper attention and utmost care to use the candle to make your space brighter and create an enigmatic atmosphere. 

Before lighting your candle, give the wick a little trim, until it is about 3mm. This will ensure the even burning of the candle’s wax. Avoid over burning the candle as well. Keep it burning for up to four hours as keeping it burning for more than four hours can cause the scent to change. Keep this simple guide in mind to keep your home smelling good for much longer. 

2. Scented Body Lotion

A scented body lotion will leave you smelling great, all while reaping the added benefits of soft, hydrated skin. Body lotions wrap your senses in a blanket of comfort while pampering your body with its restorative and protective properties. Truly an all-rounder product, it will leave your skin silky, smooth, and ready to relax.

Scented body lotions are a great addition to your routine because they can also function complementarity to your perfume. Body lotions can help to retain your perfume for longer periods of time with its moisture. So be sure to apply a layer of body lotion before you spritz your perfume next time and you will find your scent lasting for the entire night. 

3. Scented Air Fresheners 

A nice and clean home should smell good too. This is where scented air fresheners come into play. They keep your home smelling clean and can help minimize musty, less-than-fresh smells and make the space feel much more inviting. Aerosol sprays are the most popular air fresheners. They deliver scented air under pressure, and it replaces any bad smell with a refreshing one. 

However, when it comes to fragrances for your home, you can always feel free to explore different scents for different parts of your space. Something lightly woody and herbal would be perfect for the bedroom or the linen closet. A rose fragrance that is not overpowering would be perfect for the living room as it is a welcoming scent to all who step into your home

Here at Aurel, we have a wide range of perfume choices that can double up as your go-to room mists as well. Our Jenny Glow collection with perfumes that only contain two to three scent notes is perfect as room mists since they are refreshing and gender-neutral. Fans of Jo Malone perfumes will find themselves gravitating towards Jenny Glow since both brands carry refreshing and simple scents that are inspired by fruits. If you are thinking of giving Jenny Glow a try, you might want to give the English Pear or Nectarine Blossoms option, which are fruity and sweet. 

4. Perfumes

Using your favourite perfume can evoke pleasant emotions and this is no surprise as smells are closely linked to memories. A whiff of something familiar can instantly take us down the path of nostalgia. Besides being a mood-lifter, perfumes can also serve as a confidence booster since they make you smell good. Whether it is used on a man or a woman, perfume is the perfect accessory for a night out, an important event or a casual meal. 

The Afnan Not Only Intense combines notes of spice and sweetness, reminiscent of luscious woodland peaks, tall and steady, making it a perfect option for men. For the ladies, the Club De Nuit Woman takes you through its floral and fruity notes like it’s a walk through a meadow, leaving you soothed and refreshed. If you prefer gender-neutral scents, you can go for the Armaf Milestone, which is a great unisex option with its fruity-aquatic scent. 

Get Your Favourite Scents at Aurel Today

Scents play an integral role in our lives. They can subtly enhance your overall mood or improve the ambience of the room, while gently elevating your other senses. At Aurel, you can find all of the perfumes mentioned above and more. We also have a vast collection of scented room mists that would perfectly adorn your home. Shop our wide collection online or visit the Aurel Experiential Centre in Singapore to try our perfumes today.

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