Women Perfume Gift Sets

Perfume Gift Sets for Her

Women are always on the lookout for a fragrance that is unique, one that can become their signature scent that sets them apart from the crowd. They want to feel beautiful and confident in their own skin and the best way to accomplish this? With an alluring perfume that can be worn on any occasion.

If you’re on the lookout for budget-friendly gift ideas to surprise your significant other, consider getting her one of these women's perfume gift sets with Aurel  Singapore.

Discover Ladies’ Perfume Sets

Having a hard time deciding on the perfect present? You may choose ladies’ perfume sets so you can give her five different scents or just one if you know what she likes! 

When shopping for ladies’ perfumes, it is always good to consider their preference first. Do they prefer wearing feminine fragrances with flowers like rose and jasmine? Or would they favour light smells with hints of citrus fruits more such as mandarin orange and lemon?

Now that you've determined their preference, take into consideration any allergies or sensitivities to different chemicals in perfumes before making your final decision on which one to buy for them.

You can also use the online quiz available on our website to narrow down the search for her favourite scent. Whatever her go-to fragrance may be, add on a scented candle to make your gift extra memorable.   

Shop Online Now

Order well-loved perfume gift sets for ladies online with Aurel Singapore and get it delivered to you in no less than 3 - 5 working days in time for your special occasion.   

Alternatively, if you would like to test it out before buying, drop by our Aurel Experience Centre to try out the fragrance in person. Feel free to get in touch with our team or check out our FAQ page for more information.

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