Oros Pure Cloisonne 100ml EDP

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Armaf presents Oros Pure Cloisonne, an elegant fragrance presented tastefully in a bottle of chrome gold, wrapped in a present box -

T O P : Amber, Vanilla, Bergamot, Cedar Leaves
M I D D L E : Passion Fruit, Thyme
B A S E : Ambrocenide, Musk, Cedarwood


Akin to the soothing notes of music, this perfume intertwines scent notes that compose the most elegant and classiest of melodies. Beginning with the sweetness of Vanilla, the orchestral piece builds to reveal a mild touch of spice, the indulgent tangy-sweet fruitiness seeping through as the musical piece concludes with a resounding note of powdery wood.

S C E N T  T A G S : Floral, Fruity, Wood, Musk

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