Patchouli On Fire 80ml EDP by Afnan

Patchouli On Fire 80ml EDP by Afnan

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T O P : Fresh spicy, Aromatic & Woody
M I D D L E : Patchouli, Lavender & Citrus
B A S E : Warm Spicy & Patchouli


A fresh and aromatic scent for a regal style, this fragrance takes you through its cool and misty forest path. It begins with a light and cooling spice along the herb garden, evolving into an entrancing meld of Lavender and Citrus freshness as you delve deeper, finally taking you through the last of the lush greenery for a soothing and powdery finish.

A luxury fragrance of the Afnan perfume house - Patchouli On Fire, intricately designed with an outer slip cover and blue-silver gift box

S C E N T  T A G S : Fresh, Aromatic, Woody, Green, Powdery

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