Musk Aura 100ml EDP by Mykonos

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T O P : Bergamot Yuzu, Apple
M I D D L E :  Lily of the Valley, Sambac Jasmine, Ylang-ylang Rose
B A S E : Amber, Munk, Mexterne


An ode to the beauty and sensuality of "Musk".

Musk Aura is an enchanting fragrance that combines the allure of delicate rose and jasmine with the irresistible sensuality of musk.

Specially crafted to capture the essence of island evenings, where the warm tropical breeze carries the intoxicating aroma of blooming flowers, setting the stage for intimate encounters and unforgettable moments of romance and seduction.

Heady notes of florals intertwine with the fresh and lively essence of sweet apples, creating an aura of femininity and grace. The base notes anchor the fragrance with the allure of musk

A blend of velvety white musk and subtle hints of amber and nectarine create a seductive foundation that wraps you in a warm and intimate embrace

Musk Aura is the embodiment of seduction and passion under the stars. It's the perfect companion for evening spent on a secluded beach or dancing under the moonlight

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