Afnan Gift Set | Supremacy Femme Purple 100ml EDP

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- Indulge in A luxury fragrance of the Afnan perfume house -             
-Supremacy Femme Purple | Gift Set Edition - 


T O P : Citrusy, Fruity
M I D D L E : Amber, Musky notes
B A S E : Musky notes, Vanilla

Gift Set Contents: 
1x Supremacy Femme Purple 100ml EDP Perfume
1x Body Lotion 100ml
1x Shower Gel 100ml

A delightful meld of floral-sweet-fruity, this fragrance opens with a rejuvenating surge of fresh fruit and citrus, taking you on an enchanting garden stroll, a musky sweetness gliding through the air and enveloping you in its endearing aroma

S C E N T  T A G S : Sweet, Fruity, Floral

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