Wood & Sage 130ml Diffuser by Jenny Glow

Wood & Sage 130ml Diffuser by Jenny Glow

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Jenny Glow brings you the Diffuser series of your favourite scent - Wood & Sage. Perfect to create an aroma of freshness around you.

T O P : Lemon, Sea Salt
M I D D L E : Peach
B A S E : Cedarwood, Musk

Reminiscent of the salted sea breeze on a chilly day just as autumn approaches, this aquatic-wood scent takes you through its warm, golden-sanded path, opening with a refreshing and mild meld of citrus, subsequently settling into an earthiness that's brought with the wind as the invigorating blue waves crash upon the shore

S C E N T  T A G S : Wood, Musk, Aquatic

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