The Fragrance of Gran Turismo Sport (GTS) By Paul Vess

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Life is a Sport

- A perfume of impeccable workmanship wrapped in a carefully crafted unique and eye-catching bottle of gleaming chrome, Paul Vess of Paris brings you Gran Turismo Sport-


T O P : Citrus, Apple, Aromatic Accord
M I D D L E : Lemon, Spicy, Marine Accords
B A S E : Vetiver, Amber, Dry Wood, Tonka Bean


Reminiscent of the invigorating breeze rushing past you on the open, bare road, this fruity-aquatic fragrance gears you up for a whirlwind of a drive along the vibrant blue coast.

The gushing wind that glides past you is overflowing with a meld of zest and spice as you steer further down to the woodlands, where the musky, earthy aromatics soothe your senses after the thrilling rush of a a swift ride.


S C E N T  T A G S : Fruity, Aquatic, Citrus, Wood, Musk, Spice, Sweet

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