Afnan Gift Set | Supremacy Silver 100ml EDP

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 - Indulge in A luxury fragrance of the Afnan perfume house -             

-Supremacy Silver | Gift Set Edition - 

T O P : Apple, Bergamot & Oak Moss
M I D D L E : Pineapple, Patchouli and Jasmine
B A S E : Musk, Ambergris & Birch

 Gift Set Contents: 
1x Supremacy Silver 100ml EDP Perfume
1x After Shave 100ml
1x Shower Gel 100ml

This clean-cut, citrus-wood fragrance opens with a zesty and refreshing note of Pineapple, melding into the gentle bloom of fresh flowers where the clear blue of the spring day glows over each petal, the smoky, musky aroma of the nearby woods seeping through and filling you with a soothing warmth

S C E N T  T A G SFruity, Musk, Wood, Citrus

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