Aphrodite 100ml EDP by Mykonos

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T O P : Jasmine, Burnt Cinnamon, Myrrh
M I D D L E :  Cedarwood, tonka bean, sandalwood
B A S E : White musk, tobac, Vanilla, Mineral amber

The scent of self love & self obsession.

Aphrodite Eau De Parfum adopts the concept of Greek Goddess 'Aphrodite' and takes it to the modem world.

The opening scent of Myrrh, burnt cinnamon & Jasmine is reminiscent of a Jazz dub, where a young woman sits by the bar,

you can smell her white floral & sandalwood perfume from a distance, Its bewitchingly beautiful.

Her suede red dress perfectly represents her beautiful mystery, You can't help but get curious to know, who she is As you get closer, you smell sensual musks mixed with smoky tobac, It's so addictive in a way you can't explain.

No matter how close you get, she won't bat an eye Enclosed in a bubble of mystery,

She's grooving to the music she loves, happy in her own thoughts

She knows however, she's got your attention.


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