6 Bold Ladies Fragrances That are Sure to Make Heads Turn

The fragrance that you wear holds so much power. It can define your mood for the day, reflect your personality and create fond memories. As a bonus, if it is a bold scent, you will make heads turn and leave a good impression on people you cross paths with. 

Bold scents are definitely not for the faint-hearted. However, it is the perfect choice for ladies if you want to stand out and make your presence known. Because of this, bold perfumes make the perfect addition for an adventurous date, a night out, or intimate gatherings. Do take note that they may not always be the best option for your daily working environment or a simple day out. 

Here is a guide to some of the affordable bold perfumes to add to your collection, to match your personality.

1. The Afnan Souvenir Floral Bouquet

This scent opens up with a refreshing burst of lychee, rhubarb, and bergamot. It then slowly wafts in with its middle notes – rose, lily of the valley, peony and vanilla. Combined, this floral-fruity fragrance will remind you of a leisurely stroll through the forest, with the cool winds brushing across your skin. The musky base notes will wrap you up in its warm embrace. 

The Afnan Souvenir Floral Bouquet is available in a 100ml size and would be the perfect choice for a wedding or an anniversary dinner. Its floral scent will surely keep your sweet memories in the years to come. 

2. The Afnan Souvenir Desert Rose

Another sweet musky scent, the Afnan Souvenir Desert Rose beckons its wearer in with its enthralling fruity scent, mixed with a hint of zesty citrus. This fragrance also wraps you up with a musky earthiness that is warm and luxurious. Available for purchase in a 100ml bottle, this elegant yet strong perfume is a sure confidence booster, making it the perfect accessory for a social outing or a date night. 

3. The Armaf Milestone

When you imagine the Armaf Milestone, think golden rays of sunshine and warm beach days. The Armaf Milestone opens with the freshness of citrus, sea salt and slowly reels you in with the delight of florals, finally settling in with the warmth of musk. It is bold and mysterious. The perfect summer fragrance that is able to stay on for long hours even with Singapore’s humidity. It is available for purchase in a 105ml size and is the perfect addition for any occasion or mood. 

4. The Afnan Violet Bouquet

A sweet and woody scent, the Afnan Violet Bouquet opens up with the faint tartness of saffron. It then blossoms into a symphony of citrus scents and trails off into fresh and spicy woody tones. A little bit of everything. Alluring and sweet, it is an unforgettable scent that can accompany you for a fancy evening, such as a gala or a red-carpet event. This bold perfume is available in a 90ml size. 

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