5 Men’s Perfumes to Spice Up Your Get Up

You’ve carefully chosen just the right shirt for a guys night out or that elegant yet impactful tie for an important client meeting. Now you look at your perfume collection wondering what to spritz on to complete your get up. Finding the perfect men's fragrance to fit each look you carefully put together can be an adventure in itself.

Spicy perfumes for men are growing in popularity, with a modern twist to help convey personality, fizz, energy and an alluring mystery. Spice notes provide a significant temper to fragrances and can be divided into cold spices like cardamom, pink pepper, ginger, juniper and hot spices like cinnamon, peppers and nutmeg. Cold spices are typically featured as top notes in a perfume and warm spices are developed to be the heart and base notes.

Spicy perfume notes play an important role in the wheel of fragrances due to the bond between spices and food. Many folks adore the delving into a variety of spices in their kitchen, from the common to unusual but delicious. Likewise, the use of spices in perfume is a harmonious combination and the outcome can make your scent quite enticingly profound.

Some of the world’s finest spicy perfumes are luxurious and highly coveted. Men should consider spice perfumes due to the intriguing smells that can reproduce favourite nostalgic emotions and are a big hit for versatility from casual outings to brunches and formal events. 

When it comes to spicy, bold scents, you might be surprised how wearable they actually are. These heady, woodsy, warm scents can quickly become a part of your essential scent arsenal and daily routine. Plus, pulling it off can give you an added level of confidence.

Let’s take a look at some of these spicy scents to spice up your get up:

Spicy perfume selections for men

1. Afnan Rare Carbon

Rare Carbon is a luxury fragrance from the unique Afnan perfume house that takes you to the enthralling woods under the silver light of the twilight hour. Be captivated by the opening mix of florals and warm spices that evolves into an earthy, musky aroma. This is a great affordable alternative to Tom Ford’s Ombre Leather.

2. Afnan Supremacy In Oud

With a dreamy, sweet-spicy scent that exudes sophistication and class, Afran’s Supremacy in Oud is your go-to for a formal night out. Take centre stage with this dazzling, earthy perfume that has saffron, lavender and nutmeg top notes, oud and sweet middle notes and a musk and patchouli base.

3. Afnan Supremacy Gold

From the namesake gold bottle to the fresh-spicy, floral, powdery fragrance, the Supremacy Gold is a classically elegant men’s perfume that is suited to enhance your style. Smell irresistible in this perfume that starts with a violet, nutmeg, peach blossom and cumin top note that flows into iris and patchouli in the middle and grounded in an amber, vanilla, agarwood and benzoin base.

4. Afnan Supremacy Homme Incense (for fans of Amouage Interlude)

Fans of very spicy perfumes like Amouage Interlude can turn to the Supremacy Homme Incense from Afnan’s collection. This eu de parfum is sure to leave a long lasting wood, musk, citrus and spice trail hour after hour. If you’re looking to add some mystery and allure, this is it.

5. La Yuqawam Tobacco Blaze

La Yuqawam Tobacco Blaze by Rasasi is a refined adornment for a man who is desirable, powerful, refined and elegant. Classy yet modern, this perfume is a classic that won’t easily go out of style. The signature leather accord melts with audacious aldehydic notes, fashioning a perfume that pays ultimate homage to the warm, dark, intense sophistication of the contemporary man.

Find your perfectly spicy scent

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