4 Essentials Every Man Should Own For Their Daily Routine

Morning routines gear you up for the day ahead. With a personalised morning routine, you too, can start your day on the right note. With morning grooming routines becoming an essential part of every man’s day, investing in the right grooming tools and products seems almost like a no-brainer for most men in Singapore.

From a shower to a shave, the morning routine for most men consists of grooming and appearing presentable for the day. For men looking to kick off their day on a powerful note, these everyday essentials for your daily routine is an absolute necessity.

1. Electric Razor

Love it or hate it, a morning shave is a crucial part of the daily routine. One of the key components towards looking groomed and put together, there are a variety of ways men trim their facial hair. Starting with the most traditional, some might elect to use a straight razor to get an extremely close shave. Following that, we have the more modern disposable razors that incorporate multiple blades for a more thorough shave. The peak of shaving, of course, is the electric razor which is ideal for sensitive skin by rolling along the surface and using a scissor-like motion to get rid of facial hair.

Apart from the dermatological benefits that we discussed, electric razors bring a whole suite of additional benefits. Firstly, electric razors come with various settings that allow you to determine how close of a shave you might want. From grooming a beard to getting a clean save - the electric razor is an option that does it all. Next, there is virtually zero risk of accidentally nicking your face. Lastly, an electric razor doesn’t require you to lather up with water and shaving cream, saving you crucial time in the morning for an extra couple of minutes in bed.

2. Quality Pomade

A product that has been around far longer than its counterparts, stemming from as early as the 1950s, pomade is an oil-based or water-based hair product that is used to keep styled hair in place. Compared to hair wax, which is the closest in terms of composition, pomade has a much stronger hold which is ideal for day-long use. This is crucial in warmer and humid environments as pomade’s longer lifespan allows for the user to restyle and touch up their hair as the day goes on.

The concern many might have about pomade is rooted in the traditional ingredients that were used in oil-based pomades such as petroleum and grease. Due to the insolubility of these components, oil-based pomades were tricky to wash off and left a slick oily feeling on the scalp. With modern-day advancements, the current high-quality pomade offerings packed with coconut oil, castor, and all-natural ingredients actually bring health benefits to the scalp and hair - making it the clear everyday choice for a presentable and slick look in men.

3. Skincare Products 

A decade or two ago, if you were looking for skincare for men in beauty stores, you would probably be limited to moisturisers and sun block. Fast forward to today, the market is flooded with a veritable cornucopia of men’s skincare products. Ranging from your all-in-one facial wash, to shaving cream that boasts skincare benefits - the choices are endless.

For men beginning on the journey to elevate their daily routines, we recommend starting simple by incrementally adding products that your skin needs. Starting with moisturisers to prevent skin dryness, and then moving up to more functional products such as sunblock, and eventually reaching the desired skincare regimen of cleanser and toners. 

4. A Signature Fragrance 

One particular element that cannot be understated for the modern man is having a go-to men's fragrance to complete your morning routine. Considering the fact that whether it's in the workplace or a social setting, most men's fashion tends to trend along similar lines, attempting to stand out can be a tricky thing. A signature scent is instantly recognisable and associates your presence with olfactory notes that conjure images of you.

In addition, the benefits of using perfume regularly encompass a boost to confidence and style. Knowing that you smell good for yourself and those around you, whether it's early in the morning at the office or late in the evening at a soirée gives you the additional push you need to be the best version of yourself.

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