4 Ways to Increase Your Confidence

Confidence is all about the aura one exudes when they enter a room. A certain je ne sais quoi that commands attention, is derived from how an individual dresses and carries themselves. Attaining that certain level of confidence comes as naturally as breathing to some, but can be a little tricky for others. From the ground up, a good way to feel good about yourself is to feel good about how you look - grooming experts often recommend well-fitting clothing as a way to immediately boost your confidence, whether it is in the boardroom, interviews, or just going for a blind date.

Psychologically speaking, it’s all about getting into the right headspace in order to portray yourself with confidence. Simple actions and routines can help increase confidence, and get you where you need to be. 

1. Exercise Regularly

By now, the health benefits of exercise are clearly abundanct. Exercise helps memory retention, improves focus, and helps manage stress while preventing depression. From a logical standpoint, it is way harder to be anxious when one literally has no excess energy to draw upon, and outside of being mildly uncomfortable at the start, exercise generally improves every aspect of an individual’s life. Staying active and setting time aside for self-care in the form of exercise is a great way to take care of yourself and boost your confidence.

The science also agrees that exercise and physical activity has a positive effect on self-esteem, which in turn raises confidence in individuals. By dedicating a small amount of time routinely to exercise and get into shape, one naturally feels more confident about their body image.

2. Adjust Your Posture

Another simple way to amplify and exude confidence is to just adjust your posture. Good posture dictates that your spine should be aligned in a way that maintains its natural curve. Some might then wonder how posture affects confidence - a study by Ohio State University actually found that something as simple as sitting up straight can make you feel more confident in what you’re doing. According to the study itself, the effects of posture were occurring on a subconscious level and the respondents’ thoughts were influenced by their posture even though they did not recognise that it was happening. This goes to show that even small adjustments to your static posture play a part in boosting confidence.

3. Try a New Look

As we alluded to early, how one might dress affects self-image. Stemming from the need for social cues and signals, human beings react towards how others perceive us when they view us. A change of wardrobe and clothing choice has a ripple effect on confidence when those who view us react in a positive light. Wearing different clothes can prompt one to think and behave differently as well.

In a groundbreaking study set in the early 21st century, scientists modelled the behaviour of different groups of people and studied the relationships between dress, the body, and the self. When two groups of doctors were put under the microscope, one dressed in casual attire and the other dressed in uniform, the former displayed less “doctor-like” behaviour while the latter displayed stronger tendencies to perform as they would in their day-to-day jobs. Applying the same principles to daily dress, it stands to reason that to feel more confident, an individual should dress the way a more confident version of themselves would to realise that goal.

4. Boost Your Confidence With a Fragrance

A highly underrated way to boost confidence is through perfume or signature fragrances. The five basic senses of a human being elicit extremely primal reactions in our brains, with our sense of smell being the most sensitive. For example, when we smell a pleasant scent, we naturally feel relaxed and at ease. Our olfactory senses dictate our brain states more than we can realise.

A signature scent or fragrance associates your presence with a particular olfactory and emotional reaction. Perfume, like the cherry on top of a sundae, can be utilised as a finishing touch to add a certain amount of flair and confidence to your daily routine. It serves the two-fold purpose of reassuring your brain as well as promoting positive reactions from those around you, which, in turn, enables you to feel more confident in your unique identity. If you still don’t believe us, go buy yourself a bottle of perfume to try it out and you’ll be surprised at the results.

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