How to Pick the Right Fragrance For You

Adulthood comes with its fair share of responsibilities and decisions. Among those, one that leans more towards self-care is choosing the right fragrance for yourself. Nothing is more evocative of time and place than scent. A fragrance plays an important part in building up your personality. Your confidence will be boosted and the kind of scent you adorn becomes your identity.

Smells are also tied to emotions. A pleasant smell has the ability to evoke positive and uplifting emotions. And it can leave a lingering presence of your memory on those you come across.

Everyone wants to discover themselves and their place in this world. Finding a scent that helps to express yourself is like matching an accessory to an outfit. It falls into place beautifully and intimately shares your character. Not to mention, odours have a power of persuasion stronger than words, appearances, emotions, or will. No other accessory can leave such a mark.

The selection of scent is a deeply personal one, based not only on our individual preferences but also the perception of scent, or how we situate certain smells. In essence, we create another version of ourselves when we wear different scents. Whether you are in search of women or men’s fragrances, read on for some tips to help you pick out the right perfume for yourself.

Give a Few Scents a Shot

When you step into a perfume shop, don’t settle on the first perfume you think you like. You may walk away without ever having come across what may eventually become your signature scent.  Everyone’s tastes are unique. Test a few fragrances – see how they make you feel, and how the smell develops over time. If you find yourself gravitating towards a certain perfume repeatedly, that could be the one for you. However, it is key that you give yourself sufficient time to choose.

We have our own unique code of hormones and pheromones that can slightly or even extremely alter the way a fragrance smells. A good idea would be to spray a small amount on your wrists and then smell it again after several hours. Depending on your own chemical makeup, it can enhance or diminish the smell. Take note of the staying power of the perfume in Singapore’s humidity levels and factor it in when making your decision to buy it.

Choose the Right Notes

Each perfume consists of different "notes” that determine the overall scent. These notes consist of three different layers called the base, top or head, and middle or heart notes. Detailing these layered notes and identifying its scent “family” is an easy way to understand the composition of a fragrance. This knowledge helps you to pick a fragrance that matches the mood you want to be in when you apply.

The base notes stick around for the longest while the top notes are the quickest to fade. Middle notes tend to influence both. Paying attention to the notes you like really narrows down your search, making it easier to find your signature scent.

Think About the Purpose of Your Perfume

Why are you getting a fragrance for yourself? Reasonable thought should go into figuring out the purpose of your purchase. Scent and sight are going to be the very first impression someone may have of you, and the one that will most likely leave a lasting impression is the scent.

Are you getting it for your self-care routine or bedtime? Or perhaps it’s for a date or an occasion such as your birthday or wedding dinner? Scents are connected to emotion and memory. Often when you smell that scent again it transports you back to the time you wore it. 

Visit The Aurel Experience Center

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