4 Reasons Why Men Should Find a Signature Fragrance Now

Smell has been proven to be tied to emotions and memories. Good or bad, your scent leaves a long-lasting impression on all those who engage with you. It is an invisible part of your style, and it powerfully impacts the way people see and remember you. Regardless of gender, it is a way to express yourself by finding a scent that adorns your personality.

When it comes to buying a perfume for men, most men shy away from experimenting with scents that are foreign to them. Instead, they pick fragrances according to what most other men are wearing or the latest products that have just been launched on the market. While popular perfumes could be great, it might not be a good choice for a signature fragrance since it won’t allow them to stand out from the crowd.

Having a signature fragrance that appeases your senses and suits your personality can bring about a world of benefits. From helping you to feel attractive to improving your self-confidence, the list of why you need perfume is endless. Finding your signature scent does not need to be an overwhelming journey. However, it is a necessary journey.

1. To Smell Great

Very obviously, perfume smells great. But who doesn’t want to smell even better? Due to the types of perfume collections available and the concentrations that they come in, men's perfume collections generally include stronger concentrations such as Eau De Parfum. When using an Eau De Parfum, they last longer than other perfumes with a higher sillage. That also means, less is more. Two or possibly three spritzes should do it when using an Eau De Parfum as you do not want the scent to overpower you and end up with it being too strong. Even if you cannot smell it on you, the smell softly and subtly lingers for others who are not used to your scent yet.

2. It Can Improve Your Mood

Another benefit of wearing perfume is that it helps improve the mood of the wearer. It goes further by also uplifting the mood of those around you. The smell is the most powerful sense. Due to its sensitivity, it allows for the fragrance to foster deeper emotional connections with people. Smells can trigger memories too. Having your own signature scent can imbue in others a sense of familiarity with you when they come across the smell – your words, appearance, and the way you make them feel. 

Due to the different types of scents associated with perfumes, it is also easy to attribute a scent to the mood of the wearer. Much like an accessory to an outfit, you can pick one that matches how you feel. It can be playful or seductive or classy – the options are endless.

3. Improves Self Confidence

Smell good, feel good. “You smell great” is one of the greatest compliments you can receive. It boosts your confidence and helps you to feel more comfortable in your own skin. We are familiar with how dressing up well can make one feel better. A fragrance enhances that feeling, making you feel confident not just about the way you look, but also the way you smell.

The scent from your perfume can draw in compliments from friends, family and strangers. It can also work as the perfect icebreaker you need for that networking opportunity. All in all, having a nice fragrance adds to your overall impression of being a sharp and put-together man, and that never goes out of style.

4. It Makes You Attractive

Perfume makes you attractive. It leaves a lasting impression – one to remember especially if you have a signature scent. Scientifically speaking, perfumes interact with your natural pheromones and can make you attractive to people, ensuring the above mentioned first impression and lasting impression are pleasant and memorable.

It is only natural that if perfume is boosting your confidence, it is likely that it can increase your attractiveness as well.

5. There are Plenty of Options for Men

Here at Aurel Singapore, we have plenty of options for every budget. For a fresh and musky scent, you can opt for the Armaf Club De Nuit Intense Man EDT. It will leave you with an invigorating scent, mixing fruit, floral and earthy musk. For something a little darker, the Afnan Supremacy Homme Silver opens with the freshness of Pineapple and hints of Jasmine, only to draw you in for something deep and musky.

Choose from our vast collection of men’s perfumes on our website and find your signature scent today.