Why Perfumes Should Be Part of Your Nightly Routine

Perfumes have always been known to be something reserved for special occasions. In more recent times, we have made perfumes a part of our dressing routine when we are heading out. While it’s nice to reserve a particular scent for special moments, your fragrance philosophy is about to be shaken up. Have you ever had a soothing shower after a long, hard day and you were tempted to spritz on your favourite perfume to be comforted by the incredible smell right before crawling into bed? 

Yes, you can absolutely wear perfume to bed! Some of us have a signature scent that we adore and want to smell like it all the time. Others find certain scents bring about a sense of relaxation or pleasure. Whatever your reason and choice, perfumes are great for sleep, relaxation and well-being. 

Benefits of including perfume in your night routine

We know a good bedtime routine is a crucial step in your sleep and wellness regime. One of the best ways to complement this process is to use perfume at night when you’re winding down. Research has shown that scents can be an effective way to deal with insomnia. Additionally, aromas are known to reduce stress levels and blood pressure, raise serotonin production for that happy feeling, and improve your mood overall from a dopamine release. 

If you’re wondering how to apply perfume for bedtime, spray it on your pulse points like the insides of your wrists, inner elbows, and behind your ears and knees, taking care not to rub it in. You can also comb the perfume into your hair and spritz it onto your pillowcase. Want to amplify the benefits of soothing fragrances? Get experimental by layering your perfumes to see if you find a combination particularly comforting.

Recommended scents for your bedtime routine

Now that you’re making perfume a part of your night routine, which fragrances should you go for? Scents like jasmine and lavender are known for their calming properties and can help you fall asleep faster and have a deeper, better quality sleep. Keep in mind that you should avoid strong perfumes as your senses can get overstimulated and have the opposite effect than intended.

Consider these aromas that can be effective in your night routine:

1. Vanilla

Vanilla not only makes you feel at ease, it can also soothe you to sleep quickly. The delicious smell encourages relaxation and has been proven to steady your heart rate and reduce your blood pressure. Add a touch of luxe to your bedtime routine Mancera perfumes. Inspired by art deco, Mancera’s Roses Vanille is created using the most beautiful materials both in the composition of the perfume and the aesthetics which accompanies it. This alluring scent is sweet enough to capture you with intense vanilla and is an absolute standout with its ever so fresh floral notes. As a bonus the rose scent in this perfume has calming properties as well.

2. Lavender

A classic sleep aid, the smell of lavender has many calming properties. It releases tension, helps you unwind, and can even improve pain. Drift off to sleep amidst the smells of lavender with Amber by Jenny Glow. With lavender at its heart, you’ll be accompanied by a fresh floral fragrance that stays with you all through the night.

3. Sandalwood

With a rich, earthy scent, sandalwood has been historically used for relaxation. Sandalwood is one of the best scents at promoting deep rest due to its mood balancing properties. Bask in the floral-woody scent of Sandalwood by Jenny Glow. Combining sandalwood and the equally calming bergamot, this perfume will leave you dreaming of an enchanting walk through the Cedarwood forest, with a cool, citrusy breeze, being encircled by Violet florals and settling into a musky, woody, warm cocoon — perfect to add to your soothing bedtime routine collection.

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