Getting to Know the Different Types of Perfumes

Originating from the Latin word per fumum, which literally translates to “through smoke”’, perfumes have been around for more than thousands of years. Over time, it has also become clear that there is something incredibly personal and powerful about perfumes. Scents are intimate as it has the power to evoke memories and feelings in a way that our other senses cannot. 

However, not all perfumes are alike. They come in different concentrations and these concentrations fall under different categories of perfumes. Knowing this, choosing the right perfume for yourself becomes a much easier task. The different  types of perfumes  include perfume oil, parfum, le parfum, eau de parfum, and eau de toilette

1. Perfume Oil

When it comes to fragrances, the type which has the highest concentrations available are perfume oils. Since they are undiluted, they can be described as being pure strength and very potent. Its high concentration explains its high cost and the same reasoning applies to why they are might not be readily available in most perfume shops. Furthermore, the ones that are available tend to be slightly diluted and safer to use on skin, and therefore not as expensive. 

Perfume oils are usually applied with the stick of the bottle, rather than spraying,  directly onto pulse points like the wrists or neck. Due to its high concentration, its scent can last up to 10-13 hours, even in Singapore’s hot and humid weather.. 

To understand the difference in price points, at Aurel, an eau de toilette version of a perfume is priced at $37 SGD, but pure perfume oil (diluted) is priced at $70 SGD. If you are looking to purchase perfume oil at Aurel, you can give the Club De Nuit Intense a try.  It has a refreshing scent of fruit, citrus, and spice-wood, and comes with an applicator stick.  

2. Parfum | Pure Parfum | Extrait De Parfum

These three terms refer to the same type of perfume. Under the category of atomised or spray perfumes, parfums offer the strongest concentration. Since perfume oils are highly potent and do not have enough dilution to be pumped through an atomiser, they are usually not considered a spray perfume. 

Typically, parfums contain about 20% to 40% fragrance concentration, however, most parfums available in stores usually range between 20% to 30%. Due to its high concentration, parfums also last longer, for up to 9-10 hours. Aurel carries one pure parfum – the Club De Nuit series. This series comprises a 3 piece set of Club De Nuit Intense Man, Club De Nuit Milestone, and Club De Nuit Sillage. 

3. Le Parfum

Le parfum is an interesting hybrid between eau de parfum and parfum or pure parfum. It is stronger than an eau de parfum but not as strong as parfum. If you are looking for a scent that is strong and long-lasting, but not as expensive as pure parfum options, the le parfum is a great choice. Le parfums do not have a general range for its concentration level – this depends on the perfume house that is creating it. They can range from anywhere between 18% to 25% concentration diluted with alcohol. With this level of concentration, you should be looking at getting at least 8-9 hours of scent on your skin. 

Aurel carries a variety of options if you are searching for le parfums, namely the Supremacy Not Only Intense, Supremacy In Oud, Club De Nuit Intense Man, Mancera Cedrat Boise, and Mancera Roses Vanille

4. Eau De Parfum

The perfume type with the next highest concentration of oils, and the most common kind of perfume available in perfume stores would be the eau de parfum. It normally has a concentration of around 15% to 20%. Due to the lighter oil concentration compared to the categories of perfumes listed above, it is usually diluted with alcohol and occasionally water. Nevertheless, it is still quite a strong perfume type with longevity of about 6-8 hours. 

Some of the popular eau de parfums at Aurel are the Club De Nuit Intense Man, Club De Nuit Woman, and Hawas for Him

5. Eau De Toilette

Eau De Toilette (EDT)  perfumes hold a light formula and have a concentration weaker than an eau de parfum. With a concentration level of between 5% to 15% concentration of perfume oils diluted with alcohol and water, it has significantly shorter longevity of about 3-4 hours, EDTs are more suited to colder weather climates with low humidity. It is not a go-to choice for Singapore’s humid weather as the tropical weather and high humidity would affect the longevity of the fragrance as well. 

Some of the top EDTs from Aurel include the Tres Nuit and Hunter Intense

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While perfumes may vary in concentrations and a myriad of other factors, it does not deem one type superior to another. Knowing these terms and memorising them can be daunting, but it is not essential, especially since different perfume houses don't always adhere to the oil ratios of an eau de parfum or parfum. The easiest way to find your ideal perfume would be to approach our friendly staff at the Aurel Experience Store. At the Aurel Experience Store, our expert consultants from the Aurel team will spend up to 45 minutes with each customer to help you find your ideal fragrance.

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