5 Unisex Perfumes You Can Share With Your Partner

Classically floral scented perfumes may have a special place in many women’s hearts. But there is something alluring about those strong, spicy, wood-heavy scents usually worn by men that beckon with charisma and passion. When we walk down the perfume aisles, we have been conditioned to think that certain delicate perfumes are for women and deep, musky ones are for men. But there is in fact no real intrinsic indicator of a masculine or feminine scent.

Here’s where unisex perfumes makes it versatile mark. These don’t fit stereotypes and can smell interesting, complex and refreshing. For couples, having a shared scent can be another level of closeness with each other. Naturally it is a cost-effective choice to share unisex perfumes, but it can also serve as a interpretation of equality in your relationship, just like unisex clothing in the fashion world.  

Why wear unisex perfumes

If you turn up your nose at cheesy couple trinkets, it’s time to consider unisex perfumes that you can share with your significant other as a subtle expression of your love and bond. Historically, many famous perfume houses have made a firm mark in the creation of unisex perfumes. Many brands these days from designer to niche like House of Creed, Calvin Klein, Jo Malone and Maison Francis Kurkdjian continue the legacy of unisex fragrances.

You should be able to choose a fragrance that you enjoy the most and that represents you, regardless of the gender category. With unisex perfumes, men and women can use perfumes they identify with the most. For example, a man can freely choose a rose-based perfume if he enjoys floral smells. In the current market, a clear rise in unisex perfumes shows the interest and need for diversity and choice without a focus on gender. As such, it can be fun while taking a social stance to wear the same perfume as your partner.

Unisex perfumes for sharing

Here are our picks so you can choose the perfect shared scent with your partner:

1. Maison Luxe Patchouli Imperial by Hamidi

The Maison Luxe series is a clear choice for those who love strong, intense, oud-based perfumes. Are you a power couple who love going on tropical getaways? Then the Patchouli Imperial is the one for you both. Even though it’s non-alcoholic, it leaves an impactful impression with a fruity, sweet scent and musky coconut undertones. This popular unisex perfume is a great start to fruity fragrances that are not too cloyingly sweet, making it perfect for couples to share at home or on vacation.

2. Oros Pure Cloisonne by Armaf

For the classy couple, look no further than the Oros Pure Cloisonne. An elegant perfume presented tastefully in a bottle of chrome gold, this makes both a perfect gift and a gorgeous feature on the dresser. This fragrance intertwines floral, fruity, wood and musk scent notes to compose the classiest of melodies. You can find the sweetness of vanilla, the indulgent and tangy fruitiness, a touch of spice and the resounding note of powdery wood in this beautifully crafted unisex perfume.

3. Violet Bouquet by Afnan

The Violet Bouquet eau de parfum is a luxury perfume at an affordable price for couples who aren’t looking to break the bank for an experience akin to going to an evening gala under the gleaming stars where the velvet smoothness of the red carpet you stride over complements the powdery fresh aroma that fills the air as you glide past. Feel like a celebrity couple with a symphony of sweet woody, aromatic citrus and fresh spicy scents.

4. Oak and Berries by Jenny Glow

Nature lovers rejoice! Take your partner on a berry-picking trail enveloped in the serene morning with Oak and Berries eau de parfum. This earthy perfume has a fruity-woody mix with berries and redcurrants, light citrus and flora and a musk and roasted oak base.

5. Qasamat Rasana by Rasasi

If you’re an experimental couple, soak in the oriental mystery with the Qasamat Rasana, an elegant fragrance specially made for an enriching sensorial experience. Housed in a timeless, embellished bottle with a copper cap to perfectly complete the design and a playful blue tassel, this unisex perfume is made to keep you guessing. The top fresh fruity notes of lemon, apple and bergamot snap into deep leather, sandalwood and cypriol with an oriental base infusion of amber, musk, cedarwood and agarwood. 

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