4 Unisex Citrus Summer Perfumes To Beat The Heat

There is no doubt that Singapore has a hot and humid climate. Through the busy streets and noisy traffic in the city, staying under the hot weather requires most people to freshen up countless times in a day. 

Most scents are made to build up as you wear it over time, but being out and about in the humid weather can accelerate how quickly a perfume fades due to both heat and sweat. While the heat might initially amplify the perfumes and fragrances that you put on before leaving the house, the smell might be gone before you realise it. On top of that, choosing the best summer fragrance is essential to remain fresh and clean all throughout the day. 

For a long day’s work outside in sunny Singapore, you might need more than just an ordinary perfume. It is ideal to use aquatic citrus perfumes that have fruity, zesty, and fresh notes, perfect to keep you smelling and feeling refreshed all day even under the sun. 

Looking for summer fragrances that you can just pump up to save the day? Then this might be for you! Here are some of Aurel Singapore's top picks for unisex citrus perfumes — perfect to cool you off in the summer heat:

1. Afnan's 9AM

This unisex citrus perfume opens up to a vibrant feeling of freshness, making you feel rejuvenated on a bright, sunny day. Its citrus-salty scent is reminiscent of a sea breeze and embraces your skin to make you feel like you’re floating on a cooling white cloud. Light spicy notes complete the scent, leaving you with the feeling of freshness and cleanness.

The 9AM by Afnan comes in a 100ml bottle that would be perfect for both a day at the office or on any occasion.

2. Rasasi’s Hawas

When you get your first whiff of Hawas by Rasasi, the refreshing zesty opening notes will make you feel like a refreshing and rejuvenating golden summer breeze is crashing over you. The captivating fragrance will remind you of the fine sand as you walk across the seashore with the cooling breeze that surrounds you. Get to experience the warmth and refreshing tone of this scent that keeps you feeling suave and in style. 

Fresh florals of orange blossom and patchouli easily lingers across your skin and are finally rounded off with the warmth of a woodsy forest thanks to base notes of driftwood, grey amber, and musk. This citrus-based perfume won’t smell heavy on the skin after a long day out in the sun and leaves you with a reinvigorating, clean-cut scent, perfect for sophisticated individuals. 

The Hawas by Rasasi comes in a 100ml bottle suitable for everyday use.

3. Rasasi's Qasamat Rasana

This citrus-based perfume embodies notes of leather, sandalwood and cypriol that captures a fresh, fruity scent with hints of woody undertones. Its spice-tinged citrus fragrance mellows down to a calm, woody heart with earth-inspired base tones to give it a sensual edge. Embrace the freshness of citrus on your skin, while feeling the comforting embrace of warm earthy tones on your senses.

Our Qasamat Rasana by Rasasi 65ML EDP is ideal for a scent to wear on a special night out. Experience a fragrance that will speak to your soft and alluring character.

4. Jenny Glow Freesia & Pear

With its floral, fruity scent, this citrus-based summer fragrance conjures up images of musky meadows surrounded by the sweetness of ripe pears melded with the softness of rose petals. This perfume settles deep into your senses with earthy tones of amber, musk, and patchouli to revitalise you throughout the day.

The Freesia & Pear by Jenny Glow offers a 30ML travel size that is definitely a must-have for holidays or vacations spent out in the sun. 

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