Perfume Care 101

Spritzing on perfume can be the perfect touch to any outfit or occasion. Many of us have a collection of perfumes that we dip into for each different moment — just the right fragrance for a sunny beach day, a fun night out, an important work meeting or even your favourite pick-me-up scent. Some of us have the habit of rotating perfumes seasonally as well, with light, refreshing scents for summer and deep, complex ones for winter. 

Wearing that perfect scent is as easy as a spritz on your pulse points and you’re good to go. There is a lot more to storing your scent collection though. With proper storage, you can keep your favourite scent fresh for longer. Any time you open a brand new bottle of perfume, it will begin a dilution process and lose the alluring nose eventually. Since an open bottle of perfume doesn’t retain its optimal smell forever and discolouration and degradation can result in spoilage after a few months, it is important to store perfumes correctly. 

Read on to know more about taking care of your precious scents:

Everything you need to know about perfume care and storage

1. Store perfumes in the fridge

Storing your perfume bottles in a cool, dry place like the fridge can make them more long lasting and helps combat exposure to high temperatures and heat. We know this is not the most aesthetically pleasing option but it helps stay fresh for longer especially in hot, humid climates like Singapore. You can also keep them in a closet or any closed storage that is not in areas like the bathroom or close to windows. Try to maintain a constant temperature that is not too hot or cold. 

2. Don’t throw away the original box

While you may want to throw away the packaging and display the perfume bottles, keeping your perfumes in their original boxes can actually help extend the shelf life of the aromatic elixir. It’s a perfect dark, dry space and when paired with a closet or cupboard, it can be a sure-fire way of protecting your fragrances.

3. Avoid excessive shaking

Shaking the perfume bottles before use doesn’t awaken the scent. In fact, it does the opposite. Shaking introduces unwanted oxidation by creating air bubbles and the intricate chemical mixtures can be broken easily. Additionally, remember to replace the perfume bottle cap as even a couple of hours of exposure can begin evaporation or spoilage.

4. Keep perfumes in their original bottle

You may want to re-house your perfumes into more decorative bottles but that is one of the fastest ways to spoil a scent. The original bottles are made to be airtight and have a specific spray-head to disperse just the right amount of scent and prevent contamination with air. 

5. Perfumes do have an expiration period

Once you open and spray a bottle of perfume, air is allowed into the bottle which oxidises the fragrance over time. The signature smell of a fragrance will start to reduce, and it will expire after about two years. By keeping the bottle away from direct sunlight and high temperatures, it can have more longevity. Most perfumes do not have an expiry date on the bottle itself, but generally unopened bottles can last for several years so it’s a good idea to open only what you will use.

Signs that a perfume has gone bad

The clearest sign a perfume has expired is when the smell is slightly sour. Especially as the top note oxidises, a slightly metallic smell will set in. Oxygen in the air can alter some of the molecules within a fragrance, and this can cause spoilage. Discolouration is also a clear indicator that it’s time to toss out that bottle. 

If you’re wondering whether a particular perfume has gone bad, avoid spraying it on yourself to check. Instead, spray on a piece of paper and see if you can detect any off-notes or if your perfume doesn’t smell as it usually should. 

The good news is that the shelf life of perfumes is getting an extension with many perfume brands now using stabilisers and UV filters to make the molecules less sensitive to oxidation.

Long lasting premium perfumes

Invest in quality perfumes and following these care and storage tips can ensure you and your perfumes are always in best form. Look to Aurel, a premier online shop of luxury branded fragrances and affordable alternatives, for authentic and long lasting perfumes. Book an appointment to visit the Aurel Experience Center in Singapore to get to know the different types of perfumes and discover your perfect scent.