5 Fragrances You Need This Chinese New Year

Lion dances, family feasts, spectacular fireworks, red packets – it can only mean one thing. Chinese New Year is upon us once again. One of the most celebrated holidays in Singapore, this festival dates back approximately 5000 years. The way it is celebrated may vary from region to region, however, the festive cheer it brings about remains the same everywhere. 

Since it is a celebration, with Chinese New Year comes the time to usher in all things new. Including new clothes, accessories, and perhaps even perfumes. In fact, with all the gatherings, and socialising that comes along with the festivities, it is the perfect opportunity for you to wear your best scent. If you are making an effort to dress up and look your best, it would be a shame not to pair it with a suitably superior scent to elevate the look. Something that is long-lasting would also be best for visiting, one that would last even after several hotpot meals. So, what are some of the best fragrances to wear during this Chinese New Year?

1. Hawas by Rasasi

A brand new addition to Aurel shelves, Hawas by Rasasi was Aurel's most requested new perfume. For those who have a soul that longs for adventure and exploration, this is the perfect fragrance for you. The blend of bergamot, orange blossom, grey amber and sandalwood present you with an aquatic scent that perfectly embodies masculine strength and vigour. Definitely one to go on the shelves of those who are fans of perfumes like Paco Rabbne Invictus Aqua or Mont Blanc Legend Spirit. 

The Rasasi Hawas retails for $59.50. 

2. Jenny Glow Wood & Sage 

Another high-demand perfume is finally back in stock! This unisex perfume’s scent mixes sea salt, peach and musk, and presents an earthy mix that is perfect for someone who is looking for a delicate scent that isn’t too sweet or floral. The trail of these notes will awaken a sense of calm and peace, much like watching waves crashing upon the shore. Fans of delicate cologne like fragrances such as Jo Malone would enjoy this perfume.

The Jenny Glow Wood & Sage retails at $23.95.

3. Armaf Club De Nuit Woman

For a classic all-day perfume for women, the Armaf Club De Nuit Woman is a great choice. It is perfect for someone who is on the move and needs a perfume that easily transitions to work well in the day as well as at night. This floral mix of peach, grapefruit, geranium, patchouli, and vetiver will definitely catch the eyes of fans of perfumes like Coco Chanel Madamoiselle or Miss Dior. Stand out as an unforgettable image, as this scent unfolds the fresh and soothing mild, musky earthiness.

The Armak Club De Nuit Woman retails at $33.90. 

4. Geparlys Yes I Am The King Le Parfum

Opening with a refreshing citrus, marine woody scent that melds into something sweet, fans of perfumes like Bleu De Chanel or Versace Dylan Blue will love the Yes I Am The King Le Parfum. Its refreshing smell is reminiscent of the new dawn of day – hopefulness and endless possibilities.

The Geparlys Yes I Am The King Le Parfum retails at $39.00. 

5. Afnan Supremacy In Oud

If you are looking for a scent that turns heads and gets your compliments, then Afnan Not Supremacy In Oud is the perfume for you. Stand out from the crowd with its woody notes of Oud wood, saffron, nutmeg with patchouli and musk. Sexy and seductive, this perfume will have you feeling dazzling, even if you are not walking on a red carpet. 

The Afnan Supremacy in Oud retails for $54.45.

Smell Exquisite This Chinese New Year with Aurel

Your scent is equally important as your outfit for every occasion. Chinese New Year is the perfect time to find a fragrance that you connect with or one with which you can use for festive occasions. Shop our wide collection online or visit the Aurel Experiential Centre in Singapore to try our perfumes today.

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